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About Me

Neeraj Pathania
Neeraj Pathania

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

I am Neeraj Pathania, the man behind many people's travel dreams adventures.


We are adventure people, who sees impossible as opinion. For over two decades,

With my adventure company has been the force behind many high profile and unique journeys, namely for the late Mark Shand, several of which were made famous by Shand's books and films mostly for Elephants.


I am about to embark on a dream journeys of mine in the past going back to the roots an opportunity to get an glimpse of rare historical and exclusive moments not to be forgotten for life.




All of mine epic journeys has a conservation program for all domestic & wild Elephants. Dedicated to all mahouts & there family. This is all in the remembrance of beloved Ele Kanchi.

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