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  • Travel to my Journey In India

    Exotic and epic journey's for lifetime moments. Travel with a man with many stories. Welcome to my blog post. A man of many stories Stories from treks and camping across Himalaya life changing Himalayan expeditions for 7th former students from the "United kingdom". Community projects, filming expeditions,wildlife photography, friends of sadhus,tribes and Yes, finally the Elephant connections. Luxury tours in India, Wildlife photography in India and Adventure tours in India Travel to my Journey's Commitment for uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Tourism. Neeraj pathania founder of "India Travel Experience" and "Atulya kanchi Camps" an explorer and conservationist has a massive experience at organizing & leading expeditions he was based in Indian Himalaya-Desert-Rivers-Jungles for many seasons and has worked for National Geographic, BBC Natural History films as Location Manager and leader in India on a number of projects including a 1000 km journey by Elephant through south of India. He led the first British group to trek in "Arunachal Pradesh" and Being an rescuer feature prominently in Mark Shand's book "River Dog" en epic travel story. Become a lifelong friends part of many adventure & films mostly on Asian Elephants together. (#atulyakanchi #incredibleindia #sustainabletourism #bbcearth #cnntravel) Follow the "River Dog"

  • Top travel destinations in India

    Promise you will go back with full of amazing memories, tailor made and family vacations in India. Will be back with full of excitement. working to reach you with all details soon soon Content soon Stun Your Readers Our story. soon Get Inspired soon

  • Off the Beaten Path

    Make your journey full of happiness and satisfaction keeps you engaged and charged for ever travel with Neeraj's exclusive journeys. soon exiting stuff on the way. soon Content soon soon

  • My (New) Travel Bucket List

    Never ever regret being part of mine new travel bucket list. Magic will here soon working on will be here very soon soon Content soon soon

  • Elephant vision a Elephant journey

    1000 km Elephant journey across south of India. Elephant Journey 1,000 km across South India to prove disability can be a strength. Caroline Casey I got in touch with Mark Shand. He had got umpteen number of fan mails over the years and never really replied to anyone. But for some reason, he replied to my crazy idea. He recruited an extraordinary adventurer and his friend named Neeraj Pathania. Neeraj helped me map my journey and choose my elephant. My intention was only to rent an elephant. But the moment I saw Kanchi, I fell in love and knew she would be mine for good. Journey to raise money for charity sight savers and ultimately was able to raise enough to pay for 600 cataract operations in a hospital in Coimbatore. Neeraj Pathania In 2001 made history and possible getting sights by generating funds for 6000 poor while doing 4 month adventure with rich stories, trials, tribulations & triumphs across southern India the expedition leader Neeraj both Caroline become friends Caroline a childhood ambition was to become Mowgli from Jungle Book inspired by Marks Shand's book Journey on my Elephant, This remarkable journey was filmed by National Geographic channel. Elephant vision What I always says we have elephant connections are pure Karma. I am dedicated to the welfare and safety of wild & Domestic Elephants. Elephant connections Contact us for your travel adventure with us.

  • Top wildlife Destinations in India

    Wildlife excursion and photography by Neeraj Pathania soon we are working on best for our site. Top wildlife destinations in India. Content soon Blogging gives our site a voice.

  • Himalayan Vacations

    Coming with write upadventures of Indian Himalaya's. Stay, food , People and their Rich culture, History, Remote camps. Coming with writeup Himalayan vacations.

  • A Journey Down The Brahmaputra,luxury tours in India, India travel experience.

    Travel on my adventures for lifetime experience. River Dog, A Journey Down The Brahmaputra. Luxury tours in India,India Travel Experience. The Brahmaputra is one of the world's great rivers. Beginning as a tiny glacial stream in Western Tibet it flows through India and Bangladesh before gushing out into the Bay of Bengal. Birth place of legends,embracing the great religions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam,the mighty Brahmaputra begins its journey as a tiny glacial stream high on the desolate plateau of western Tibet, & sweeps eighteen hundred miles through three countries, to end its journey as wide as sea in the bay of Bengal. No one is known to traveled its entire length, a challenge described by one explorer as the 'last great Asian adventure'. Mark Shand's book "River Dog" en epic travel story. Neeraj as his rescuer / leader of the journey become a lifelong friends later done together many adventure & films mostly on Asian Elephants. What verified amazon reader says: I absolutely loved this book and fell in love with Bhaiti the dog that Mark makes the adventure with - and of course other characters. Trials and tribulations of border crossings and sometimes it looks like the journey might not ever be complete. A great travel book that transported me to India and the Brahmaputra River. It was very sad at the end when Mark had to say goodbye to his companion but like all good stories it had a happy ending. I enjoyed the book so much that it inspired me to book a riding holiday to Assam and I was able to ride along the banks of the Brahmaputra. Tracey Marie from United Kingdom. Will be back with more on truly amazing travel adventure story. Meanwhile plan your adventure with us. Contact us

  • Explored the unexplored, Luxury tours in India.

    Will take you to the region's back to the roots of our journeys. "What we can say about Neeraj Both Jo and I have over fifty years in Industry and we think he's the best man-manager we've met? We both would count Neeraj as a good friend and a wonderful, honest and caring man" Phil & Jo Fletcher Lee Luxury tours in India Coming soon Will be back with full write up. Coming soon. Our readers will be amazed. Our story. Coming Soon Get Inspired

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