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Elephant vision a Elephant journey

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

1000 km Elephant journey across south of India.

Meditation, Elephant Journey, Mahut
Neeraj and Caroline

Elephant Journey 1,000 km across South India to prove disability can be a strength.

I got in touch with Mark Shand. He had got umpteen number of fan mails over the years and never really replied to anyone. But for some reason, he replied to my crazy idea. He recruited an extraordinary adventurer and his friend named Neeraj Pathania. Neeraj helped me map my journey and choose my elephant. My intention was only to rent an elephant. But the moment I saw Kanchi, I fell in love and knew she would be mine for good.

Journey to raise money for charity sight savers and ultimately was able to raise enough to pay for 600 cataract operations in a hospital in Coimbatore.

In 2001 made history and possible getting sights by generating funds for 6000 poor while doing 4 month adventure with rich stories, trials, tribulations & triumphs across southern India the expedition leader Neeraj both Caroline become friends Caroline a childhood ambition was to become Mowgli from Jungle Book inspired by Marks Shand's book Journey on my Elephant, This remarkable journey was filmed by National Geographic channel.

Elephant vision

What I always says we have elephant connections are pure Karma. I am dedicated to the

welfare and safety of wild & Domestic Elephants.

Elephant connections
Caroline Casey with Kanchi the Elephant.

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