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Travel to my Journey In India

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Exotic and epic journey's for lifetime moments. Travel with a man with many stories.

Welcome to my blog post.

A man of many stories

Stories from treks and camping across Himalaya life changing Himalayan expeditions for 7th former students from the "United kingdom". Community projects, filming expeditions,wildlife photography, friends of sadhus,tribes and Yes, finally the Elephant connections. Luxury tours in India, Wildlife photography in India and Adventure tours in India

Travel to my Journey's

Commitment for uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Tourism.

Neeraj pathania founder of "India Travel Experience" and "Atulya kanchi Camps" an explorer and conservationist has a massive experience at organizing & leading expeditions he was based in Indian Himalaya-Desert-Rivers-Jungles for many seasons and has worked for National Geographic, BBC Natural History films as Location Manager and leader in India on a number of projects including a 1000 km journey by Elephant through south of India. He led the first British group to trek in "Arunachal Pradesh" and Being an rescuer feature prominently in Mark Shand's book "River Dog" en epic travel story. Become a lifelong friends part of many adventure & films mostly on Asian Elephants together.

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